Boardroom Service  

Strategic planning:
Through our work with many different companies, we have developed broad insights into the many pitfalls and critical success factors encountered while growing e. g. a software business globally. Our involvement at a Board/CEO Level can give entrepreneurs strategic counsel and serve as a sounding board as they encounter new challenges.

Establishing strategic partners and distribution channels:  
Increasingly, companies need multiple partners to build successful organizations. We have senior relationships with numerous companies which can help expand distribution and marketing channels critical to a company's success.
The challenge of recruiting quality people can impede growth more than any financial constraints. Büttner Associates works with CyberHeads.Eu ( and its portfolio companies to assist in recruiting at all levels, from the Board of Directors to Senior Management to Sales Representatives and Developers.

Selected acquisitions, if approached and structured carefully, offer companies the opportunity to expand their product lines and grow more rapidly. We play a very active role in identifying viable candidates and assisting in the acquisition process.

Exit Strategies:  
The partners have had extensive experience with both public offerings and mergers. Our impact can be invaluable to entrepreneurs who generally experience an exit only once. We offer a network of relationships with investment banks and large e. g. software companies which are frequently looking for
acquisitions (our "AD Hoc Help" includes Corp.Governance Advise and Adjustments, Interim Management, Independent Directors/Verwaltungsraete Selection).


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